Early Days

The Early Days



Founder and First President

The history of the Alumni Association would not be complete without recognition of Mr. Sands. He saw the benefits to graduates of banding together "just for fun." He was tireless in his efforts to arouse in anybody, who would listen, the necessary enthusiasm for his idea.

Bill started as a machinist and was graduated in 1905. He died in 1959. The memory of his accomplishments in behalf of apprentice alumni will live as long as there is an association.


Almost a hundred years ago, under the name of The G.E. Alumni Association of Schenectady Works, a group of 97 charter members launched an organization that has proved its vitality and has lived up to its aims. The organization date was March 28, 1913. The purpose then, as it has remained, was to band together to promote the moral, social and educational welfare of the member